Some boringly-obvious reasons for all the parents, teachers and other serious creatures…. 😁😁😁

Read because, it…

  • Increases your vocabulary and comprehension (Hence, good marks in exams!)
  • Increases concentration and discipline (Imagine starting a hobby that fixes life’s biggest problem, CONCENTRATION…)
  • Helps in mind development (Not humour, it’s Sciene!)
  • Improves Language Skills (Infact, it’s one of the best ways to work on language skills.)
  • Increases Knowledge and sharpens Memory (Imagine remembering stories like a Marvel movie!!!)
  • Strengthens Writing Skills (How else do you think J.K. Rowling came up with 7 Harry Potter books?)
  • Improved imagination and creativity (Afterall, Daydreaming isn’t all that bad!)
  • Also, you can watch the video by Harvinder didi on why should we read books…

https://fb.watch/b5Fr6psnCe/ <————– CLICK TO WATCH NOW!!!!

Now that we’ve covered all major reasons, let’s face it, we don’t really read a book for any of these. Have you ever seen someone be like… “Today I want to develop my mind.. so let me go and read that book!!! As if.. Because that’s not really why we read books.

So let’s talk about the REAL REASONS (for the naughty kids)Why should we read books???

Spider Man Taking Notes GIF - Spider Man Taking Notes Writing GIFs
  • So we can read comics but act all intellectual. (Because remembering all the super heroes stuff is no child’s play boss!!!)🧐
Fortnite Vs Minecraft Floss GIF - Fortnite Vs Minecraft Floss Dance GIFs
  • We can find so many cool words and slangs to use and show off infront of everyone. (Admit it, you’ve done it too.)😁
Peepo Giggles GIF - Peepo Giggles Peepogiggles GIFs
  • Reading good books gets you in your teacher’s ‘Good Books’. (You see the pun there?) 😜
Captain America Reference GIF - Captain America Reference Marvel GIFs
  • Gives you edge in a conversation. (And all of a sudden, all that you say sounds smart and cool, because you read) πŸ˜Ž 
Cat Kitty GIF - Cat Kitty Cool Cat GIFs
  • And all your favourite books on your shelf. Take a look at them. It looks like a get together with friends, right? (If hoarding books was a hobby, we all would have that in common!)πŸ˜„
  • Have you ever tried pressing a flower between the pages of your book? It’s aesthetic!!!
Naruto Ninja GIF - Naruto Ninja Book GIFs
  • Also, have you ever smelled a book??? Oh god, it smells heavenly!!!
  • BTW, Bibliosma’ is the word for loving the way books smell. Cool word? Now flaunt it like an intellectual!!!😎 
  • You can hear from your friends too, on what they like about reading books…. https://youtu.be/tuZLLiJLZDQ <———- CLICK TO WATCH NOW!!!!