Suggested reading for children

Welcome to Auro Mirra’s blogsite – AMIS Literary Circle. It’s our one-stop destination for suggested readings from Diyas, book reviews from our very own critics (students) and anyone and everyone with a passion for books and reading.

1. Malgudi Days

Author: R. K. Narayan

This collection of short stories has been one of the most loved collections of all time. There is not one person in India who is not aware of R.K. Narayan’s masterpiece, Malgudi Days. It is a set of heartfelt and interesting stories set in the fictional town of Malgudi.

2. The Blue Umbrella

Author: Ruskin Bond

In exchange for her lucky leopard’s claw pendant, Binya acquires a beautiful blue umbrella that makes her the envy of everyone in the village, especially Ram Bharosa, the shopkeeper. It is the prettiest umbrella in the whole village and she carries it everywhere she goes.

The Blue Umbrella is a short and humorous novella set in the hills of Garhwal. Written in simple yet witty language, it captures life in a village – where ordinary characters become heroic, and others find opportunities to redeem themselves. 

3. Amar Chitra Katha

Author: Anant Pai

The comic series was started by Anant Pai in an attempt to teach Indian children about their cultural heritage. These stories are summarized and made easy to understand and capture attention especially for children as they will remember these all their life. They are fun to read.

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Author: J.K. Rowling

It is quite likely that your teenager is already on board the Hogwarts express. But if they are not and would love to explore the world of Harry Potter, then start with where it all started. ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ is the first book in the series. In this tale, we meet the young wizard Harry Potter and how he lands at the prestigious wizardry school of Hogwarts. Teenagers will love the elements of imagination and will relate to Harry’s journey of self-discovery.

5. Holes | Author: Louis Sachar

A young boy named Stanley attends a boys camp organized on an old, dry lake bed. The warden there is a mysterious character. He instructs each boy to dig five feet deep holes every day. But digging is more than a camp activity, and the warden is looking for something. Will Stanley uncover the truth before it’s too late? Your teenager will love reading this mystery.

6. The Martian: Classroom Edition | Author: Andy Weir

This is the classroom-reading appropriate version of the acclaimed novel. The story is about an astronaut named Mark Watney who is stranded on the planet Mars after a mission to the red planet goes wrong. Mark is considered dead by his team members, but the astronaut perseveres and fights against all the odds for survival.

7. Jasper Jones | Author: Craig Silvey

Jasper Jones is an outcast teenager who arrives at 13-year-old Charlie’s doorstep one night, asking for help. Charlie agrees to help, and the next thing we know is that the duo is on a trail in the jungle. They discover something in the forest that night, which changes their lives. ‘Jasper Jones’ is an excellent coming of age book that will be more appreciated by 14-year-olds.

8. Eragon | Author: Christopher Paolini

Eragon is a teenage boy who discovers something that looks like a blue stone in the forest. However, it turns out to be a dragon’s egg, and a dragon hatchling comes out of it one day. The dragon turns out to be a part of a bigger picture. Soon, Eragon’s life is filled with magic, mystery, and he is entrusted to finish the dark side using a sword and the dragon.

9. Coraline | Author: Neil Gaiman

It is considered to be one of the best books for adolescents and teens. The story is about a young girl who moves into a new house with her parents. There are fourteen doors in the house, but the fourteenth one is locked. Coraline unlocks the door to find a house exactly like hers on the other side. There is even a second version of her parents. But there is more than what meets the eye in this mysterious place, and Coraline is determined to find out.

10. Life of Pi | Author: Yann Martel

The critically-acclaimed novel tells the story of a young boy named Pi Patel, who finds himself on a lifeboat after a shipwreck. But Pi is not alone. There are a few animals including a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker on the boat. The tiger soon gobbles up the other animals on board, leaving Pi as the only other survivor. The book tells the exciting and heart-touching tale of Pi and his ordeal with the 450-pound tiger.


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