What is Hydrangea reading???

As fun as reading can be, it’s a tedious mental task to decide what book to read. It’s like deciding what to eat when you can eat anything you like! So we read – “Diary of Wimpy kid” for starters, and “Magic Tree House book” for dinner, or just pick “Rainbow Magic” for dessert??

Let’s find out what our little readers at Auro Mirra, are reading and what their suggestions on these books are….. And if you get motivated to read by reading any of the book reviews, do share your views on the book in the comments. 😀

Let’s begin……!!!

1. Book – Calvin and Hobbes

Author – Bill Watterson

Genre – Comedy

Reviewed by – Tejas G

Calvin and Hobbes is a funny series of books, where the boy (Calvin) is always getting in trouble with his imaginary tiger friend, Hobbes. I have 4 Calvin and Hobbes books, and I keep reading them again and again because they are so funny! Hobbes is actually Calvin’s stuffed tiger, but Calvin imagines him to be real. I guess Calvin is really lonely because Hobbes is just a stuffed tiger. Bill Watterson creates his own funny jokes for the end of each strip. There are many strips with his own jokes! They sometimes get me laughing so hard that I have to close the book to stop! Calvin mostly gets in trouble when in front of his mother and his school teacher, and sometimes with his dad, his neighbour, Susie, and his babysitter, Rosalyn. He also imagines him to be someone called Spaceman Spiff. He many times gets in trouble by thinking that he has travelled to a distant planet in the galaxy (which is actually his school) and that he encountered a hideous alien (which is actually his teacher). So while trying to escape from the alien, in reality he’s actually trying to get out of school! And then he gets caught, and the same thing happens all over again in a different strip. Whenever Calvin comes back from school, Hobbes leaps upon him and they start to fight. There are also a few strips where Calvin transmogrifies something or someone, or even duplicates himself to create a disaster! Overall, pretty funny series of books I would say, even though I haven’t read all of them.

2. Title – Rainbow Magic

Author – Daisy Meadows

Genre – Children Fiction Book

Reviewed by – Swara Ramakrishnan

The Rainbow Magic books are about two girls helping fairies get back their magical items. However, the goblins refuse to return the items to the fairies. Let’s see how the fairies get their magical items back. I love the Rainbow Magic books and find them amazing.

3. Title – Bookasura

Author – Arundhati Venkatesh

Genre – Fiction

Reviewed by – Riddhi Sharma

This story is about a monster ‘Bookasura’ and a boy called Bala. In chapter – 1, Bala’s parents decide to send him off to his grandparent’s place so he doesn’t get bored during his summer vacation. Read more to know more of his exciting journey.

4. Title – The five of in a caravan  

Author – Enid Blyton 

Genre- Mystery 

Reviewed by – Arya Salian

The book starts off at the end of the semester and a start of summer  holidays. These holidays George doesn’t want to go to Kirrin Island as her father, Mr. Quentin is working on an experiment . So she stays with her  dog and cousins . One sweltering sunday, a caravan approached with  elephants , monkeys and many more circus animals . George and her  cousins were amazed by their antics . A boy named Nobby asked them if they wanted to meet the animals and come to their meeting point down the hills. They were pleased to come but suddenly Anne got an amazing idea. What if they rented a caravan and stayed for a couple of  weeks? Their parents agreed and a new adventure approached. 

I really liked the book and can read it many more times. The mysteries in the book have kept me occupied for the past few weeks. Tiger Dan and Lou really deserve to be put in prison for the crimes they did.

5. Title – A  Woman Married a Snake

Author – Vishnu Sharma

Genre Fiction

Reviewed by – Samiksha

The Title by itself makes one wonder what could the story be about. The author was also an Indian scholar who is believed to have written the Panchatantra. This story is Fiction. The story begins with the snake’s mother feeling bad for her son. The story continues with the marriage of the snake. I felt happy at the end of the story. The story has so many twists. The story has all the emotions a reader can experience at once. The story tells us about curses and boons. Overall I rate this story 8/10.

6. Book – The keepers of the Empire 

Author – Geronimo Stilton 

Genre – Humor and fiction 

Reviewed by – K.Advaith Iyer  

Let’s go into the kingdom of fantasy for the 14th time. Winglet had been crowned empress, and harmony was restored to the land. But a dark shadow loomed and threatened the empire! Winglet asked Geronimo to join her team and fight to keep the darkness from spreading.  This story was so great there were mazes and other activities too and although Geronimo was a scared mouse he couldn’t let his friend down and the adventure began. I was so interested that he even had to go with villains of the land of fairy tales and meet a big mole called Eduridice then Sandy the underground armadillo and fight the great Greynes. It’s the best story I have ever read. 

7. Title – Geronimo Stilton (Cavemice)

Author – Elisabetta Dami

Genre – Children’s fiction

 Reviewed by – Vishnupriya.M

I loved and enjoyed reading this book so much that I recommend it to everyone. There are 16 chapters in the book. There are 7 characters as follows Geronimo, Trap, Thea, Benjamin, Bugsy Wugsy, Hercule Poirot, Grandma Ratrock. This stories is basically on prehistoric mice who (lived many ages ago) and adventures of the Cavemice. There was a village called Old Mouse City. It was inhabited by brave rodent sapiens known as the Cavemice. It was a dangers surrounded the mice at every turn: Earthquakes, meteor  showers, ferocious dinosaurs and fierce gangs of saber-toothed tigers. But the brave cavemice faced it all witha sence of humor, and were always ready to lends a hand to others. In these stories feelings of cavemice are expressed very well. The stories are saved on stone tablets and illustrated them with ethics.  The book Geronimo Stilton can be read by every children because the book will help  improve your reading skills ,we can also improve our vocabulary.

8. Title: Magic Tree House book

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Genre: Children’s Historical Fantasy

Reviewed by – Aashna Bharath Poovaiah

This series is about a magic tree house owned by Morgan le Fay who sends a boy named Jack and his sister Annie on missions. They travel around the world through time and space. 

They go for baseball tryouts and find a magical ball from where their adventure begins. They become batboys. They make friends with black twins who help them on their adventure. Their magic caps make them look older, learn rules and play well. 

During the match, people are mean to the only black boy Jackie playing in the team! Jack’s cap gets stolen. They get thrown out of the match. Their twin friends take them to their grandaunts’ to hear the final score. They were their first white guests and everyone cheered for Jackie to have won the game. The 101-year-old granny teaches them to keep their eyes on the good and keep self-respect always. Jack and Annie gift a baseball with Jackie Robinson’s autograph to granny and are told about racism and how Jackie is changing things. 

They go back to the treehouse and are home. Now that they know the rules, they confidently go for baseball tryouts.

9. Title – Diary of Wimpy kid – The meltdown

Author – Jeff Kinney

Genre – comedy

Reviewed  by – Samved

 When snow shuts down Greg Heffley’s middle school his neighbourhood transforms into wintery battlefield. Rival gangs fight for territory they build giant snow castles to protect their territory from other gangs. When other neighbourhood kids start coming they build giant walls and stage epic snow ball to protect their neighbourhood. It is fight for survival as Greg and his best friend Rowley navigate alliances and rival gangs. When it all clears will Greg and Rowley emerge as heroes? Or will they even survive to see another day?  

 This is a very funny and interesting book and it’s my favourite book.

9. Title – The Ransom of Red Chief

Author – O. Henry

Genre – Comedy

Reviewed  by – Maria

This story is about two thieves that need money of about two thousand dollars. To get the money they come up with a fraudulent plan.They go to a town called Summit, where they kidnap a rich man’s son for ransom.They make preperations on how to get the money from the boy’s father but things don’t go according to plan. I liked this story because it is very funny and many crazy things happen.

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