Androids – A short story


Author – Saaketh, Coral Jasmine
After the greatest party I’ve ever been to, while walking home from android centre 7.0 where the great party was held with help of androids of the greatest AI. I was walking down the street with Bob, my fellow android who did everything I wanted, he looked awesome and he was awesome. As I neared my house, bob turned around, his eyes turned red and he started running towards the android centre, I called out to him many times and he never replied he just kept running, it was creepy at first but I thought that there was some sort of programming glitch so I waited in the same place. 
Somebody (I was 99 percent sure I knew)with blue eyes and blonde hair, came close to me and whispered “run”. Even though I never recognised her, I had a sixth sense telling me something was going to happen, by the time I reached home, hell broke loose, there was chaos everywhere, all the androids had red eyes and had only one objective – to kill all humans. Many houses caught fire and there were screams of horror everywhere, there were people running out of their houses to their cars and driving as far as they could, I realized all of the androids were trying to kill their owners and so I got very scared as bob knew everything about me, my weaknesses , my strengths where all my guns were kept and how to use all of them. I ran as fast as my legs could take me and with the help of adrenaline I reached home and the saddest thing ever happened to me, my parents were killed because of lonk, my parent’s android. But before bob could kill me and my sister, I took my sister and gathered anything that we thought would help us survive. We bolted in our car, GPS disconnected and no cell phones we reached the woods, ditched the car and ran as deep into the woods as we could, and set up camp for the night.
The next morning when we woke up, we decided to turn on just one phone for a span of 9 minutes(time taken for bob to locate the phone) and look up where the safest place to go with the highest military protection was, and we found out it was North Korea, of all the places, but now they were allowing anyone into the country. So we used the map and made up the route to reach North Korea, decided all the stops where military bases were located for restocking of supplies. We turned the phone off and removed the sim in exactly 8 minutes and 29 seconds so bob couldn’t find us. 
We reached the first military base and there they did have a kind of harsh way of checking if we were human, but looking at the horror, that was nothing. After they confirmed we were human they let us in and they were quite polite with us. We then restocked our backpack, got ourselves 2 guns, and left the base with a lot of ammo. We were travelling through the woods with a motorcycle we got from the base and because of the noise it made, we attracted quite a few androids we had to fight almost emptying our entire ammo. 
After we reached the next military base we were quite wounded from the attack and were almost out of supplies. We met a person there, someone who had an uncanny resemblance to the person that told me to run. It was the colonel for that military base, I then remembered her, she was the commanding officer on my S.W.A.T team a few years ago, before the creation of androids. She treated us with great hospitality and then she gave us a military-grade armoured, bulletproof car and 2 recruits for our protection. We took all the food we needed and a bucket load of ammo, this is when it all came back to me, I realized that the only cause for all the destruction and death were the androids, many critics kept saying something like this would happen if we created such androids. I then found out the best way to defend all humans that we’re alive, not by going to North Korea, but by going back to the android centre instead, the place where all the AI were constantly programmed and made better. 
We reached the base where my former commander was, I told her all about the plan and she felt the same thing she spread the message to all of the militaries, and then it was all of the people alive versus the programmer who inserted the virus into all the robots and made them kill my mom and dad. I was raging with anger and I wanted to do anything to kill the hacker who inserted the virus. All of the army, navy and the air force went to the centre to exterminate the robots and kill the hacker. 
There was heavy protection and extreme weapons, but the robots didn’t have something all humans did, a heart and a brain. After every android guarding the centre was killed, they entered the centre and then came the shocking truth, it was billy my best friend since I was in ukg. He was the one who had inserted the virus which made the robots go rogue, I was the angriest person ever and I shot him more than 50 times because of the rage in me. The best of the military programmers/hackers did all they could and made the robot code clean again. All robots were commanded to come to the centre. All robots were torched and they all exploded. There were to be no more androids anymore. But the guilt that my parents were killed because I bought the robot, thinking they would make good servants would haunt me for the rest of my life. 
After all the destruction was taken care of, me and my sister settled in at the old house that we used to live in. It brought back a lot of memories of my parents, and I felt very sad about it. I would do anything to get them back to life. This was when I made a decision to never ever get any technology that was smart enough to kill a human being. But I also realized how useful bob would’ve been if he didn’t go rogue. 
Before the chaos 
I was walking down the road with my fellow android bob, his eyes turned red and he started running towards android centre 7.0 and this time I knew what was to be done, I started running with him as fast as I possibly could and ended up finding out that this time it was only a trap for me to get there because they were going to celebrate 10 years of us living without robot attacks. And then the greatest party ever was held and my best friend Billy was there. 
And then it all started. 

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