The little reader

Finallyyy!!! After 2 years we came back to school and….. Voila!!! Summer Break!😅

We are back, for you, to motivate you so that you pick up that book that you planned to read during the summer break, but now it is sitting on your bookshelf looking at you every day with hopelessness.
I bet watching these videos from our little reader will surely motivate you to read more.

But who is this “Little Reader”?

Ninad Kamath is in Grade 2 (Spathiphyllum). His mother told us books are something they love at home and have tried to inculcate this same love of books into Ninad.

There are a couple of videos mentioned below where Ninad talks about the books that he enjoys reading.

Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth –

Ranganna (The elephant who loves colours) –

Her mother also shared something interesting. Ninad made these videos a year ago when he was in Grade 1. Thereafter, though he has been reading many books, he has been shy to make videos of them. But maybe the idea of sharing it with his classmates and other schoolmates will enthuse him to make more videos 🙂

So hey, pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read and share your reviews on the book with us.

Until next review….

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